About Us

Culture of Achievement

Glazer Academy is a K-8 charter school dedicated to providing a high-quality education to all of our students.  We offer a new paradigm for learning that challenges our students to think higher and make global connections through their academic disciplines as they are preparing for college.  Our highly qualified educators and administrators use research-based, proven practices and our curriculum goes beyond the classroom.   Glazer Academy is committed to developing all of our students into high achievers as they are preparing for college, as well as life-long learners to, through and beyond college.

Raising the standards of student achievement is what drives us. Using proven methods of success, Glazer Academy creates and redefines curriculum that encourages logical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.  Glazer Academy is committed to developing all of our students into high achievers as they are preparing for college.

NPFE schools are quickly being recognized as some of the top charter schools in Detroit. NPFE is also a key partner in helping coordinate and speed up the opening of quality charter schools in Detroit by 2020. NPFE staff believes children must have more quality choices and parents should have access to these options.



Special Education Services

At Glazer Academy when staff identifies students who are experiencing challenges, they are referred for assistance through the Solutions Network.

The Solution Network assesses and analyzes factors standing in the way of student achievement and then plans and implements appropriate customized intervention strategies. The Solutions Network is the overriding structure that establishes a sense of connections, accountability and commitment throughout the school community. It is the main body that oversees how Solutions program strategies are designed, applied, and monitored throughout the school. Under the umbrella organization of the Solutions Network are five subgroups; each subgroup addresses a different component of intervention. Dividing interventions into smaller chunks ensures that the intervention strategies are targeted in a specific, systematic way to achieve maximum results. The five components to the Solutions Network are: attendance, intervention, parent and family involvement, community connections and Cooperative Culture – PBIS.

Through this process staff may identify and submit a referral for academic or behavioral difficulty to the Intervention team. The team incorporates the strategies and techniques of Response of Intervention (RtI).

If a student has been referred for academic or behavioral difficulty, parents are contacted and are apart of the team. Parent involvement is encouraged and important in this process. The parent has the right to request an evaluation at anytime.

Special Education Programs and Services provide students with special needs individualized programs and services mandated under the IDEA ’04 Federal Law in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). Eligibility is based on meeting specific criteria for one or more disabilites.

Loving Academy follows the evaluation requirements outlined in IDEA and MARSE.

For more information on the District’s guidelines for evaluation and determining eligibility for specific learning disability, click the links below.

1) Rules for Special Education (MARSE) w/ IDEA Regulations

2) SLD Guidelines